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Welcome to the Raíz de Guzmán shop, an online space where you can buy Raíz de Guzmán DO Ribera del Duero wines. Discover our top quality wines, four reds and one rosé made exclusively from Tempranillo grapes.


  • Red Wine

    Red wine is Raíz de Guzmán’s star product. We elaborate a rich selection of them, from Roble, Crianza and Reserva to Raíz Profunda, our signature wine & the masterpiece of our winery. They are all manufactured with tempranillo grape from the lands of Roa de Duero. Every step of their creation is taken care of, in order to guarantee the highest quality for every single wine.

  • Rosé Wine

    Raíz Rosado is the freshest creation of Raíz de Guzmán Wineries, a special rosé wine created with the same grapes we use in the creation of our signature wine. If you want to buy a top quality rosé wine, try Raíz. Fruity and light and, at the same time, with the body of a red. I will definitely surprise you.

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