Two exclusive and high-quality products, the Páramo de Guzmán cheeses and the Raíz de Guzmán wines, and facilities now dedicated to wine tourism; the place where you can make your Raíz experience a reality. It all started in Roa de Duero, a town in Ribera del Duero located 89 kilometres from Burgos, where the whole experience is deeply rooted.

The tastings guided by the winery staff are unique experiences, in which learning and enjoyment go hand in hand, and they often lead to a visit to Restaurante Raíz.

The respect for the origins and the tradition that brought around Páramo de Guzmán in 1985 also became the guidelines for the process of making Raíz de Guzmán wines, which started in 1998. This history is unveiled during the experience, along with a section of the vineyards –the root of everything–, a weak land with abundant gravel and a high altitude, ranging between 750 and 1000 metres.

Tasting manager: Loreto Cob.

Booking telephone number: 947 541 191.